| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Has Nasrallah’s mantle been sold?

Did Reem Haydar, known as the mother of the mantle, sell the cloak she got in 2006 from Hassan Nasrallah as a gift after she wished to touch it, in an interview with Al-Manar TV, that day?

The mantle has not been sold yet, and Reem, who changed her position on Hezbollah 100% after 15 years, is waiting for the buyer, and the price is high:

As she promoted on Facebook, before her account was suspended, she asked for two million dollars and wrote: “A mantle made of pure camel hair. It is called Khadija by the Arabs and is worn on major occasions. It was the property of Nasrallah. The sum of two million US dollars is required in “Fresh Dollars” cash. The request is for those who are interested or know someone who is”. She concluded: “Insults in the comment section are not a problem.”

The fate of the cloak is in front of 3 possibilities: Either it will be sold at a specific price and the buyer will remain anonymous. Either no one dares to buy it, or Hezbollah will somehow take it back from Reem.

All possibilities exist, especially the last one, since Reem, who had previously supported the resistance, turned against Hezbollah completely after seeing the pain of the people and the homeland, as she says, and she can no longer believe in Hezbollah’s cause.

All this while Hezbollah continues in its adventures and bets.

The attack on the Gulf states is continuing and there is no turning back. These pictures, which spread in the alleys of the southern suburbs, serve no purpose but to offend the Lebanese first and the expatriates second. Despite that, pictures of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon were raised.

On the main roads, some party members were seen hanging banners against the kingdom before the security forces came and removed them.

Security wise, there are continuous attacks on UNIFIL in the south, and the timing is suspicious, as are the goals and objectives, leading to damage Lebanon’s relationship, even with the United Nations.

Political wise, the Council of Ministers is still confiscated.

So, as the party continues its approach, more than one cloak will be removed, and the matter will not be limited to the cloak of Reem Hayder only.

  • Sawt Beirut International