| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Hassan Nasrallah’s slogans are no longer fooling anyone!

Hassan Nasrallah seems to be weird, especially when he says one thing and then the exact opposite. In his speech yesterday, he spoke about America and its impact on the Lebanese decision recently, mainly during Russia’s war on Ukraine. Hezbollah’s Secretary-General criticized the executive authority, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister, hinting as well to his permanent ally President Michel Aoun.

Nasrallah addressed senior officials by saying: “Do not be slaves”. He accused the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others of following Aaoukar’s orders, and that its statement regarding the Ukrainian crisis was written by the US Embassy. So far, the political accusation, shows that Nasrallah knows what others don’t know! But what is really strange is that Nasrallah is surprised about how the state did not distance itself from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and how it neglected the principle of neutrality. Is Hassan Nasrallah serious about what he is proposing, or is he laughing at us and the entire world?

Does Nasrallah think that someone believes him when he talks about the theory of self-distancing? Nasrallah and his party were the first to violate neutrality when they spread their military power across the Arab world, starting from Syria to Yemen, passing through Iraq. Why does the Yellow Party allow itself to interfere in the affairs of another country as long as it believes in the principle of neutrality? And most importantly, that the government, in what it did, has only provided a preliminary statement.

Hezbollah interferes in the affairs of other countries, either through military forces or through security cells, so how can it gather summer and winter under one roof? We are sorry Hassan Nasrallah, but your verbal tricks no longer deceive anyone.

  • Sawt Beirut International