| 18 August 2022, Thursday |

He died after his last interview via Sawt Beirut International

When we walked into his house about a week ago, we didn’t know that it was the last time he would receive anyone. This is how life is, waiting for you behind the crossroads, with surprises, disappointments, breaks or death, with few possibilities for joy, its proportions are unfair, fortunes are distributed scarcely, and tears are generously. The “king of misers” was a king with the generosity of love, the generosity of emotions, distributing smiles for free with outmost generosity, and a smile these days is equal to the fortunes of money changers and the world’s stock exchanges inflamed from the tumor of greed.
Romeo Ziade left us after a horrific car accident that silenced a heart that disturbed life from the intensity of its beats, as it could no longer bear the overflow of love.
Romeo left a fortune that he knew how to save, in the “safe” of hearts, a penny after a penny of love, he stored it in the conscience of those who knew him, they will inherit after him a wealth of smiles and blessings of memories.
Romeo Ziade, the generous like the sun of July and the rain of January… Like an endless sigh, and a longing embrace, like the first love that leaves indelible traces… O King of generosity, farewell.

  • Sawt Beirut International