| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Here are the causes and signs of Cardiac arrest

The word Cardiac arrest, usually does not need explanation as it expresses itself and indicates that there is a serious heart condition.

People don’t know about Cardiac arrest more than its meaning, because when the heart suddenly stops beating, the patient enters in painful silence, and only the crying of relatives and loved ones is heard.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people have forgot many diseases that formerly were a “booger”, and today light is not shed anymore on these diseases due to Corona. So let coronavirus be silent for a while to hear more about the hustle and bustle of cardiac arrest.

Is it true that heart attacks affect men more than women?

Cardiac arrest is cunning, treacherous, strikes at once and kills the affected rapidly.

Stop smoking, avoid eating fatty food, and keep practicing some activities in order to step away from cardiac arrest.

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