| 3 February 2023, Friday |

Hezbollah, allies have isolated Lebanon from its Arab neighbors

At a time when the ordinary Lebanese citizen is struggling to pay the bills, Hezbollah and its allies are skilled in repressing the homeland and the citizen, striving with all their efforts to drain all the blood remaining out of Lebanese citizens’ veins.

Hezbollah will not allow any choice that does not favor it to be implemented, even if it means destroying and collapsing the country and its people. Starting with drugs exported from Lebanon to the Kingdom, Kuwait, and other nations, then moving to taking control of the judiciary and Beirut Port Blast, then to incite civil war by its attacks on  residents of Ain Al-Remmaneh and Khaldeh… right up until George Kordahi, the terrorist party’s new official spokesman, declared himself to be the last bullet in the country’s heart.

The abolitionist conflict and labor allegations have become old and no longer play a significant role in Lebanon. The Iranian-Persian guardianship that the party is attempting to impose has become evident and is not debatable. What about ideas to get rid of a militia that has infiltrated every region of the country?

Today, Lebanon is confronted with two options: an independent state without Iranian ambitions, with only the weapons of the Lebanese army, or hell, under the administration and supervision of the Iranian Hezbollah.

  • Sawt Beirut International