| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Hezbollah defies legitimacy, Aoun and Mikati are powerless

What is Hezbollah doing? Does it want to bring complete destruction to Lebanon?

At first glance, the two questions may seem like a deliberate accusation against the ‘Yellow Party’. But all the party’s actions confirm that it is implementing a clear and explicit agenda entitled: Destroying Lebanon’s relations with the Arab countries in general and with the Gulf states in particular, in an attempt to throw Lebanon into Iran’s embrace and the Republic of mullahs.

The final proof of what we are saying is the meeting organized by the party on Wednesday, in Beirut, entitled: “The opposition meeting in the Arabian Peninsula”, which will turn into an Okaz market to direct accusations in all directions, especially to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is the Lebanese state aware of this meeting? Do you know that Lebanon is turning, through Hezbollah’s performance and practices, into a platform of hostility against its Arab and Gulf brothers?

In any case, the issue this tonight, has become in the custody of three references: the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior.

Will they act before it is too late, or will the statelet’s power be stronger this time also than the state, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard faction will be stronger than the Lebanese security institutions?

It is likely, the three officials will remain silent, perhaps they will launch useless verbal positions, addressed to media only. Real officials should believe that actions speak louder than words. The meeting will be held inside the Beirut Suburb, mainly in ‘Hay Al-amrican’ which is parallel to Baabda Road, and specifically parallel to the Republican Palace Road, the first symbol of Lebanese legitimacy.

Doesn’t this matter constitute another evidence that Hezbollah’s legitimacy doesn’t care about the Lebanese legitimacy, starting with the President of the Republic?!

So, congrats for the party which is funded and directed by Iran, a party that has become stronger than the Lebanese officials who can be distinguished by two characteristics: submission, and surrender.

  • Sawt Beirut International