| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Hezbollah does not want a government

What happened with Saad Hariri is being repeated with Najib Mikati, and the government that Hariri did not form, doesn’t seem that Mikati will form it soon. The frequency of visits to Baabda Palace has been greatly reduced. Indirect negotiations replaced direct negotiations. The mediators are many, while the progress is slight, and the positive results are few. And the contract is back, and starting with the names of candidates for some sensitive ministries, down to the blocking third.

Some of them consider that the involvement of the Director General of General Security on the line could bring about some change, and could lead to the birth of the government. But have we forgotten that Major General Abbas Ibrahim intervened at the time of Hariri’s assignment, and his intervention did not lead to any change?

Today the main players are they, and the arguments are the same, so what has changed?
Basically, Hezbollah, which rules Lebanon by its command, does not want a government now. He is betting on certain variables. Who is more intelligent than the Aoun ally, who is always ready to support the position of Hezbollah and give it a Lebanese and even Christian dimension? Thus, the battle became Christian-Sunni, while the truth is elsewhere entirely.

The battle is between those who want the institutions and the state, and those who want to destroy the institutions and eliminate the state. From here, there won’t be a new government in the near future. In the end, the government is in the refrigerator, and the Lebanese situation is on fire. And between snow and fire, the Lebanese have nothing but daily humiliation and an addiction to the wait!!

  • Sawt Beirut International