| 28 October 2021, Thursday |

Hezbollah drags Lebanese to May 7

On every occasion, and with every speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, Lebanese become more certain of his intention to turn Lebanon into a Wilayat al-Faqih. This policy followed by the Iranian party in Lebanon takes many forms, including security, politics, economy, judiciary and food, up to the control of territory by force and cunning.

The golf club is not the only project, as Hezbollah has imposed its control on many Lebanese lands, and spread its Iranian policy there, including the properties belonging to the Maronite Church on the airport road, and the Mshaa’t of the Aqoura municipality, encircling the mountain and transforming vast areas of land into military settlements.

The problem does not lie in the spread of the Shiite sect in Lebanon, but rather in the expansion of Hezbollah and the spread of Iranian ideology, the main cause of all Lebanon’s affliction. As for the worst thing, there are those who fear Nasrallah’s expansionist war, and they say that Hezbollah can invade all of Lebanon in a single day.

All of these scenarios take place amid a dubious silence and denunciation from the Lebanese state, and there is no accountability or oversight. The government do not dare to stand in his way, to demand sovereignty, and to liberate Lebanon from its hegemony, and to use the Lebanese arena in the wars of Wali al-Faqih with the world.

The Iranian party in Lebanon is destroying Lebanon’s message day after another, so is anyone facing it? Or it will only be permissible for Lebanon to testify.