| 1 December 2023, Friday |

Hezbollah draws map for capturing Lebanon… All scenarios are open

The features of what is after May 15 began to become more and more clear, and it also became clear that Hezbollah, terrified internally, hastened to develop a plan consisting of gathering its Maronite allies in order to sew the course of the next stage and the necessity of uniting the ranks and acquiring the parliamentary majority, as well as confronting the return of the ambassadors of the Gulf countries and delivering clear messages abroad with the final touches on the Iranian-American negotiations.
These messages are aimed at emphasizing that the party adheres to the Lebanese card and that negotiating it will only be through the terms of its Secretary-General.
What are the expected scenarios during the thirty-three days before the election date?
As for the post-May 15 scenario, it is the most dangerous and is represented by two main points:
The first is the failure of the so-called March 8 to obtain a parliamentary majority
The second is the start of the countdown to the presidential elections
And thus, Hezbollah and its allies will spare no effort to continue to dominate Lebanon, and it is certain that the next stage will be dangerous on all levels, especially as it has become legitimized for all possibilities.