| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Hezbollah indifferent regarding Kuwaiti initiative

Although Hezbollah’s official stance on the Gulf initiative that the Kuwaiti foreign minister brought to Beirut has not yet been issued, but the letter is read by its audience.
The attack launched by the party’s supporters on social networking sites means that Hezbollah cannot accept such an initiative, and Sheikh Sadiq al-Nabulsi expressed what is going on behind the scenes by describing the initiative as an American card promoted by the Gulf states, and the conditions are Israeli par excellence.

The party’s audience anticipated all stances
Here soneone considere that the clear response to the Kuwaiti initiative in the apparent, and Israeli context, is summed up in this phrase: We will not exchange our weapons for a loaf of bread.
Some even went on to say, “Welcome to the war. We did not and will not bow to the Gulf initiative.”

If Hezbollah decides, neither the ally, nor the ally of the ally, nor even the government and the entire state will be able to control it and compel it to calm down. Hence, the stage after the meeting of Arab foreign ministers on the thirtieth of this month, will not be the same as before, but it is certain that Lebanon will be a hostage of Hezbollah, and a card within its regional and international adventures until further notice.

  • Sawt Beirut International