| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Hezbollah: It’s me and no one else!

What is known about elections, is that they should be characterized by honest competition between candidates from different regions who carry new plans with the aim of change, reform and a different vision, even if they are members of the same sect.. However, in Lebanon, we are in a country whose joints are controlled by Hezbollah, which continues its psychological, familial and economic pressures in various intimidation ways, to prevent Shiite candidates in their areas of influence who joined the opposition lists from conducting their electoral campaigns and conducting tours and visits to push them to withdraw from these lists.
In the absence of a state that cannot monitor the elections, some submit and withdraw for fear of pressures and threats, while others try to stand firm and confront in order to succeed on entiltement day, to bring about some change.. Is it permissible for the candidates to be confronted by gangs that control security and the judiciary? Is there a limit to these actions?
Ramez Amhaz and Hemin Meshik are not the only ones, and the list is long.. It is all expected, especially with the ferocity of this militia. As for the question today, it is directed to the powerful President of the Republic, is this the Lebanese party that has no security role in the internal?

  • Sawt Beirut International