| 31 January 2023, Tuesday |

Hezbollah obstructs the army’s war on drugs?

After being silent for several days about what is happening in Sharawne since Last Saturday, Hezbollah finally uttered, and wish he had not, to restrain the army and restrain its movements, imposing again the principle of statehood and the law of the jungle after the general legal representative of Imam Khamenei in Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammad Yazbek, demanded the three chiefs and the army commander to control the ongoing military operation in Baalbek, and to neutralize the innocent. , brandishing and threatening to intervene with the people of the area if the defect is not addressed, as he put it.

Hezbollah has repeatedly and publicly affirmed in its election slogans that it “remains to protect and build”, only to become clear after its position. This is one question: protect who and adopt what? If the intention is to protect corruption and build more and more security squares that include wanted persons and fugitives on charges of spreading more contraband inside and outside the country a “problem” that is not surprising, then these matters are only facilitated by the beneficiary.

From here it is certain that Hezbollah was involved in supporting, activating, and even exporting contraband, despite all attempts to evade accusations, “reality and experiences have proven the opposite.” And Hezbollah’s farm remains with the signature and signature of its trustee and his aides in Lebanon!

  • Sawt Beirut International