| 22 April 2024, Monday |

Hezbollah protects Israeli enemy with non-military marches

Marches launched by Hezbollah towards the Karish field. For a moment, we think that the party took the decision to bomb the Israeli oil facility, so that it turns out that they are non-military marches, as if it were sending a message to the enemy that you are safe at sea, as is the case with the land borders.
As for the message he sent to the Lebanese interior, it is that we are the decision makers and not the Lebanese state, contrary to what the Secretary-General of the party stated in one of his appearances when he said that the issue of maritime borders is the responsibility of the state.

Meanwhile, government sources indicated their displeasure with Hezbollah’s dispatch of the rallies, and considered it unacceptable and endangering the country.

As for the decision of peace and war, which the party extracts from the hands of the Lebanese state, it is manifested by this step, contrary to what its Secretary General declares.

So, after Lebanon abandoned Line 29 with the approval and knowledge of Hezbollah, the party tries to display its strength in front of its popularity by being keen on Lebanon’s oil wealth,

In fact, he is the only protector of this enemy, on land and at sea.


  • Sawt Beirut International