| 31 January 2023, Tuesday |

Hezbollah, take off your innocence’s gown!

As always, Hezbollah excels at playing the role of innocence. In his most recent speeches, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah attempted to release himself from the issue that Lebanon has caused today with the Arab Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, especially that the Kingdom, has always stood by Lebanon, granting this country financial and moral support, through thick and thin.

The worst of all of this was Nasrallah’s is trying to compare Iran to Saudi Arabia’s ties with Lebanon’s, how come, Sir? Please don’t compare apples to oranges! What did Iran provide us, sir, compared to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which opened its doors and markets and provided job opportunities to over 500,000 citizens? What did Iran provide Lebanon with, other than destruction, collapse and troubles?

And here, the hilarious and the sad collided, so what about the Iranian meddling in the country, sir? It is now being used to various sectors of political life in Lebanon, with ramifications on the economy, security, and social dimensions. Whatever does not suit Iran does not fit you, thus you strive to blow it up with deception or pressure and danger.

So, in your speech yesterday, selfishness was the master of the situation, as it usually is. Instead of taking a sensible stance that prioritized the interests of the Lebanese in general, and the Lebanese in the Arab Gulf in particular, you continued to intensify the escalation with disguised messages against the Kingdom, entirely deflating the efforts undertaken, to reconcile the schism that has harmed Lebanon’s relations with the Gulf states, and to carry with Iran’s demands and desires, which will inevitably suit the continuance of this crisis in order for Iran to expand its influence and control over all aspects of life in Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International