| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Hezbollah to Bassil: Checkmate!

It seems that Gebran Bassil’s dream of the presidency is similar to Satan’s dream of paradise! There is no decisiveness that Basil receives from the ally

Al-Masun regarding his hypothetical candidacy so far.

Hezbollah is still clinging to the name of Suleiman Franjieh as the only candidate for the presidency, even if it has not yet officially announced its support, but Hassan Nasrallah was clear in his last speech when he presented all the specifications that apply to Suleiman Franjieh.

It is assumed and expected that Basil will not concede to Hezbollah despite the gains or guarantees that may be given to him to back down from his decision to reject Franjieh. What are the expected scenarios and plays? And will Basil be forced to submit to the will of Haret Hreik?

Finally, there is no blame.. Between Basil’s anger and Reda Franjieh.. and a detailed president on the fault of some, the road to the presidency seems closed and much longer than some people think!

  • Sawt Beirut International