| 3 October 2022, Monday |

Hezbollah’s obstinacy is greater than any Arab initiative!

We bet on the Kuwaiti effort, and we genuinely hope it succeeds… But, sadly, we have discovered that this is extremely difficult, if not impossible. The cause is well known: Hezbollah. The Kuwaiti approach, which has the support of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and even the Arab world, outlines everything that Hezbollah does not want. In other terms, it prescribes everything that someone who opposes a genuine state in Lebanon opposes.

The proposal, for example, emphasizes the necessity of adhering to international decisions made by the UN Security Council with regard to Lebanon, mentioning resolutions No. 1559 and No. 1701 in particular, which emphasize the need to limit weaponry to the Lebanese state. Is the yellow party prepared for it? Is Iran, which backs the party at every level, willing to give up the Lebanese card? It substitutes Hezbollah’s armaments for its own, and it exploits Lebanon as a venue for settling regional grudges.

How can you hand away Lebanon and the weapons it possesses to Hezbollah? The Kuwaiti plan also calls for serious and genuine steps to manage border crossings and prevent drug smuggling into Arab countries. Is Hezbollah, and those behind it, included in this? Obviously not. The party uses several prohibitions to strengthen its budget and expand its imports. He has never cared about moral deterrence and will never do. The only thing that matters is money, money, and more money.

The third essential aspect of the effort, which is connected to Lebanon’s non-interference in the affairs of Arab nations, i.e. disassociation from itself, and the Lebanese government’s adopting measures to prevent Hezbollah from continuing to intervene in the Yemen war, persists. Will Lebanon’s government dare to oppose Hezbollah? Is it possible for the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the Government to ask Hezbollah for this? Obviously not. They are helpless, resigned, or complicit. How can such a feeble, failing, and conniving regime restore Lebanon to the Arab and global map?

  • Sawt Beirut International