| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Hezbollah’s oil.. fact or propaganda?

Lebanon needs more than 300 fuel steamers annually. We begin the report with this information to go to the Iranian Hezbollah ship, which is loaded with either gasoline or diesel or perhaps not loaded. This fact is agreed upon by all those familiar with the fuel file in Lebanon, where sources to Sawt Beirut International indicated that the party needs to raise the morale of its fans, especially since the crisis has become greater than the capacity of the incubating environment to bear.

The Venezuelan-Iranian experience is clear, as Iran announced sending ships to Caracas to help solve the fuel crisis, to find out later that the operation was halted after 6 ships due to the poor quality of Iranian fuel, knowing that Iran is already suffering from a shortage of fuel, so how can it save Hezbollah and Lebanon?

Media propaganda is the main goal of the enthusiastic anthems and tweets of the electronic army, but the reality is completely different. If there were indeed ships, their price was paid, but for a limited amount, and most importantly, they did not enter the Lebanese tanks because the US sanctions are on the lookout and the slogans of “death to America” won’t work in these cases.

  • Sawt Beirut International