| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Hezbollah’s statelet lacks accountability!

Only in Lebanon, whoever steals used shoes and laptops, spends 7 months in prison, but whoever revolts against injustice and hunger is summoned for investigation.

All people can be affected and held accountable except for those who are affiliated to a leader, but the leader in Lebanon is a militia, claiming the resistance, and under this principle it disregards a country and justice, as well as the security and safety.

This militia is a statelet that has the right to do what others are not allowed to do. It is forbidden to enter its areas, harm its individuals, or even hold accountable those who follow it, even for the greatest sins.

In all civilized countries, the command of arms is exclusively in the hands of the state, as are the security and military decisions, of course, except in Lebanon. Thank you to the terrorist organization Hezbollah and those who support it. The latter has the right to shoot at storefronts, blow up Beirut and disrupt the government because accountability is forbidden, a blackout over the explosion that shook the south in a weapons warehouse belonging to Hamas with the support of Hezbollah, and other incidents that are justified according to the party’s mood. As for truth and justice, it is with God… For how long?

The control of the Iranian Hezbollah militia means only one thing, goodbye to a state and welcome to a statelet.

  • Sawt Beirut International