| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

High or low? What will happen to the dollar rate in 2022?

“How much is the dollar today” is the question that concerns the Lebanese people the most, and it may precede political news and Corona’s concerns as well.

The collapse of the Lebanese pound against the US dollar is primarily responsible for the deterioration of the social and economic situation for most of the Lebanese, who are now far below the poverty line… It is not surprising that they carry this concern with them from one year to another.

And because the dollar exchange rate is linked to the political situation in the country, what will be the fate of the dollar exchange rate in 2022? Regression, stability or even madness, especially that this year will bring with it new political entitlements, such as the fate of the dormant government and the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections?

A state of panic formed by the balance of the dollar against the lira, what is the ceiling of this expected rise in the new year?

The question remains… Will this paralyzed system allow the lira’s defeat against the dollar to continue? Or will it rise from its deep slumber and save the nation’s currency from collapse?

  • Sawt Beirut International