| 26 September 2022, Monday |

Hochstein leaves optimistic after agreeing to return to Line 23 and leave negotiations for companies

Till now, it does not seem that the border demarcation file is settled, although the atmosphere confirms that things have taken a step forward. The American mediator came from Israel with an offer, stipulating that Lebanon would acquire an area of ​​860 km, on the condition that a Western company would undertake the task of exploration in the disputed area, and distribute the oil equally between Lebanon and Israel. However, Hochstein, who attended with an optimistic atmosphere, that was built on a series of messages received by America from Lebanese officials, this atmosphere was dissipated after the American mediator sensed lack of unity in the Lebanese position, especially between politicians on the one hand and the negotiating committee on the other hand, which Hochstein did not meet, and they did not see the details of the offer submitted by him, according to its sources.When one of its members was asked about the date of his return, answered quickly not before the upcoming parliamentary elections. According to what SBI has learned, Hochstein, upon the request of the President of the Republic, will send, within a few days, the ideas proposed by him in writing, after which he will receive an official and written answer from Lebanon. The stance of the three presidents tends to resolve this issue, but each of them has his own political and non-political calculations, while observers affirm that Lebanon has an opportunity that it should take advantage of, to secure financial resources that might save it from its deepening crisis. According to the information, Prime Minister Najib Mikati will, in the coming days, undertake the necessary contacts with those concerned to unify the stance, while the position announced by the Army Commander, Joseph Aoun, after receiving the American mediator, facilitated Mikati’s mission by confirming that any decision taken by the political authority , will be approved by the army, a position in which the Army Commander also holds politicians responsible for the decision to adopt Line 29 and the possibility of obtaining an area much larger than the 860 km that he specifies. Line 23. On the other hand, Secretary-General of Hezbollah’s latest stance seemed to facilitate the demarcation file with one condition, that no joint negotiations take place, and the condition is resolved, according to what SBI learned because Hochstein’s proposal leaves the exploration companies to communicate with each other without any need for any direct communication and coordination between Lebanon and Israel .

  • Sawt Beirut International