| 25 September 2022, Sunday |

Hospitals are facing security challenges, so who will protect it?

Medical equipment has always been an easy target for people who are angry from Al-Makassed Hospital’s administration, which has been subjected to more than one attack per day.

This department dedicated to saving lives, was forced to protect its crew by closing the hospital.

The task of the security forces is limited to protecting the public sector, according to the law.

While the security of the Lebanese is guarded by 25,000 soldiers, the need to implement the law on the ground requires the presence of 50,000 members to control security in relation to the number of residents and refugees.

Security sources confirmed to Sawt Beirut International (SBI) its concerns about security, and warned of an unprecedented increase in robbery rates.

Minister of Public Health Firas Abiad announced that he had obtained a pledge from the Minister of Interior to follow up the issue of security in hospitals as soon as possible, and revealed that the Parliament had recently taken a decision to tighten penalties for anyone who assaults workers in the sector.

The security forces’ salaries that lost more than 90 percent of its value due to devaluation have reduced the days of service, and the high rate of Covid-19 infections has reduced the attendance rate in the barracks. This economic and social transformations that made the task of maintaining security in Lebanon one of the most difficult tasks.

  • Sawt Beirut International