| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Hospitals nightmare: Death is better than imaginary bills

“Do you want to humiliate me? Where can I get 40 or 50 million pounds from where I can go to the hospital?”

These were the words that bid farewell to the dead actor, Pierre Chamoun, Lebanon, at the time, refusing his wife’s request to go to the hospital, even though he had been suffering from severe stomach pain for more than a week.

The late Pierre is not the only one… In light of the stifling economic crisis, there are many similar cases that may prefer to bear severe pain for fear of the hospital bill that they cannot afford.

The patient today has become stuck between an economic crisis, the madness of the dollar, and the low salaries that have lost a large part of their value, and people are delaying or even evading receiving medical treatment.

We are witnessing a sharp decline in the actual value of the contributions of the guarantors on the one hand, and the insurance companies that refuse to deal only in fresh dollars on the other… Then the patient becomes the weakest link as he has to bear the biggest bill!

The bill at its fictional value is a serious reality that the patient faces. The citizen’s choice is now limited to the priority of providing food or medical care. Will health leave the circle of legitimate right to enter the circle of luxury in Lebanon?


  • Sawt Beirut International