| 19 April 2024, Friday |

How did Iranian diesel give Mikati’s government trust?

Gasoline was the most prominent present in the confidence session of the “Together for Salvation” Government, headed by Najib Mikati. It is as if fate wants to confirm that this government is the product and supervision of Hezbollah.

The date was set for the start of the confidence sessions at 11 AM in the UNESCO Palace, the alternative of the Lebanese Parliament. But the absence of electricity prompted the delay of the session, and the reason was neither electricity nor fuel. The representatives of Hezbollah intervened and brought generators of electricity, and diesel as well, publicly. In this way, Gasoline will an embarrassment for President Mikati for the second time after the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s statement about the fuel ships.

The fuel oil and the Iranian ship are only a media show, according to what a source following the fuel file confirmed to Sawt Beirut International. The source indicated that diesel fuel will be available in large quantities in the coming days from companies importing fuel quickly to the Lebanese market, and therefore there is no longer a need for illegal ships and tanks.

Special information for Sawt Beirut International added that the Iranian ship loaded with diesel, which unloaded its cargo in the Syrian port of Banias, did not enter all of it into Lebanon, because the Syrian regime seized nearly half of it, since Syria is suffering, like Lebanon, from a severe shortage of diesel. The sources asked how many ships Iran can send to Lebanon and Syria, and at what pace? Because a ship every month is like watering the crops in the winter of January.

  • Sawt Beirut International