| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

How do Lebanese of different sects practice their religious rituals outside Lebanon?

Prayers and religious rituals have always been a part of Lebanese lives, how not and Lebanon is in constant need of a miracle to save its people from successive crises, and from the political class that is more like a gang.
Here in Montreal, Canada, the Lebanese and Arab communities preserve their religious traditions, starting with prayers and ending with religious ceremonies, as if they were in the arms of the homeland:

Sheikh Saeed Fawaz, imam of the Islamic Ummah Mosque in Montreal, says, “It is certain that a person in general is religious so that he won’t be far from his country and his religion, when he practices his religion in the country of expatriation, as if he remains linked to his roots, and linked to the origin that he is religiously committed, whether in his country or outside his country as long as he is here. To allow the practice of religious rites.

Not far from Montreal, here in the city of Laval is a church of St. Elijah the Prophet, Christians celebrate Sunday masses and religious holidays:

Father Bernard Basset, Servant of Saint Elias Laval Parish, confirms that the community is very interested in prayers, all the prayers that they used to perform in Lebanon, as we have here in our church the prayers of praises and masses of Holy Week, all of these means a lot to them and remind them of the motherland and their church in the village, so they ask to preserve it as it is and in the same language these prayers were written.

Canadian cities embrace many religious edifices, such as mosques, churches, etc., and the Lebanese naturally have a large share of them, as the Lebanese of all sects practice their religious rites as if they were in the heart of their mother country.

  • Sawt Beirut International