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How do you know that a person is a liar?

Speaking to Slingo website, psychologist Darren Stanton revealed subtle expressions and troubling signs to watch out for when trying to detect a lie.

1- looking

According to Darren, liars often make eye contact, to make up for the lie by looking, in an attempt to convince you to lie. He says: In general, we look in the eyes of the opposite person for only 3-5 seconds, but it is a little longer for the liar.

2- Blink

The rate of blinking will also increase when a person lies, up to two or three times per second.

3- Barrier

People who suffer from lies also tend to create a physical barrier between themselves and the person they are lying to, and this can happen in different forms and means, such as hands or a cup of coffee.

4- Escape

Liars commonly use a strategy known as language deviation, according to Darren.
This is especially common among politicians, who deliberately avoid the question being asked, and tend to answer a completely different question.

5- The sound

According to Darren, the liar’s tone of voice tends to be higher, which is a sign of stress.

6- Repetition

The liar repeats the question put to him, which gives him time to think about the answer.
“For example, when you ask someone if they cheated on you, the innocent person will reply in their own language: ‘Don’t be silly, of course not,'” he says.

7- The color of the face

Darren notes that a change of color in someone’s face can also be evidence that they are lying. Emotional changes are related to stress, so when someone feels stressed, blood may be drawn away from their face, causing them to look pale.
How many people around us fit these signs?

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