| 31 January 2023, Tuesday |

How many times has Israel violated Lebanese airspace?

With the Israeli enemy raising the ceiling of escalatory rhetoric against Lebanon, through a direct warning of an imminent war over the gas exploration crisis in Karish field, which is located in disputed waters on both sides, a report published on an Israeli website revealed that Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace more than 22,000 times since 2007.
According to the report published by Western media, in 15 years, Israeli combat aircraft have stormed Lebanon’s airspace more than 8,000 times, and with drones, 13,000 times.
The report added that the Israeli Air Force regularly violated Lebanese airspace and carried out reconnaissance flights over southern Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley and the center of the country, pointing out that Israeli combat aircraft, in particular, use Lebanese airspace to strike areas of the Syrian regime.
Against the drums of war, the Lebanese authorities repeatedly sent protest notes to the United Nations calling for pressure on Tel Aviv and calling for respect to Lebanon’s sovereignty and compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 1701 of 2006, which was adopted after the last Lebanese-Israeli conflict.

The Chief of Staff of the Israeli enemy army, Aviv Kohavi, had previously spoken about the nature of the upcoming war and the expected scenarios for it, indicating that the next war in Lebanon would be devastating, revealing thousands of targets that would be hit from missile networks and others.
Kohavi explained that the Israeli army deals with six battlefronts in six dimensions and in the face of a large number of diverse threats.

  • Sawt Beirut International