| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Humiliation queues pursue expatriates in Canada and Britain

As if the Phoenician curse pursues the Lebanese wherever they go. Lebanese who ran away from the hell of the country to the paradise of the Franks, found in their paradise petrol queues, which are more effective than Fairuz’s songs to remind them of their country of cedar and glory.

The Lebanese who are aggrieved by the era of the “Father of everyone” have transferred the bad luck to countries that seemed to be protected by a blue bead from the eyes of the third world countries, or the tenth if we are talking about Lebanon.

From inside their cars, Lebanese expatriates are supporting the locals in exclusive videos conducted by Sawt Beirut International.

The reason behind the crisis was the shortage in the number of tanker drivers according to the British Shakespearean narration, but the crisis has a global version related to the exhaustion of stocks during the cold last spring and the high consumption due to the curfew. This is in addition to the significant reduction in the use of nuclear energy, especially in Germany, the increase in the use of LNG gas, especially in China, and the malicious Machiavellian Russian factor enjoying the crisis and increasing its supply of gas to the market.

Many other factors have brought the line of queues to the borders of the entire universe, most notably the presence of the unfortunate Lebanese in any geography in which it was found.

  • Sawt Beirut International