| 19 April 2024, Friday |

In Chekka… Paving the sea is easy

On the sea of ​​”Chekka”… a sentence that carries in its meanings more than just existence in a place. In fact, it carries the connotation of place and time, not even time. The time of childhood “tanned” by the summer sun and the ultraviolet rays of joy, the time of victory over the disappointments of Lebanon’s winter, the time of love scattered everywhere as sand shining in gold, the time of dancing over our wounds, in a region that tells who is in teaching the principles of steadfastness on earth, and the origin of authenticity . Welcome to Chekka, more than her average love, until he made it the capital of his salt, his ebb and flow.

An area from the side of the heart, in the north, famous for the most wonderful arts of the welcome and the easy, happiness tramples, and the sun does not sleep except on the horizon of its sea. On the sea of ​​doubt, the origin of the speech.

The organizers work for the project as a “business”, but it does not want to make money, but rather to profit from marketing for the region, here in the place where they are connected by an unbreakable umbilical cord.

People live the moment for the moment, the Lebanese own this moment and it is the most precious thing they have.

We shared their joy, we transmitted the image and the sound, but there are no cameras yet set up to convey feelings and heartbeats.
To everyone who says that Lebanon is dying, we tell him to go and pave the sea, and there is a sea of doubt in front of you!


  • Sawt Beirut International