| 20 May 2024, Monday |

In just one year, “Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin, proved to be the voice of “all people”

This is the introduction to the first bulletin of “Sawt Beirut International” on December 5, 2020, a year later, this introduction of December 5, 2021, is still valid.
One whole year, the same scene, the same aches, and August 4 investigations are in a status quo, while the whole picture, is darker.
In contrast to the news bulletin, which did not calm down throughout the year, in keeping pace with events and developments, and did not get tired of defending human rights and freedom, and telling the truth.
365 days, the bulletin’s team of producers, photographers, writers, journalists and presenters, have been working together,“Sawa,” to convey the voice of people, to educate them about their rights, to help them in facing the corrupt political class.
365 days, and the news bulletin is entering people’s homes with stories that rejoice their hearts and sometimes bring tears to their eyes and realize their dreams.
Throughout a whole year, and at seven of every evening, “Sawt Beirut International’s” news Bulletin, is presenting a wide range of socio-political reports, in addition to fixed paragraphs for journalists specialized in the fields of politics, economy, sports and art, in addition to a wide range of guests.
Throughout a whole year. In happiness and bitterness, “Al-Hilweh wil-Murra”, and “Sawt Beirut International’s news bulletin, has been on the side of the people, it is their voice, their revolution, and promises them that it will remain by their side, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, until victory prevails over injustice, and the resurrection of the new Lebanon is achieved.