| 4 July 2022, Monday |

In Lebanon… clothes for “international brands” are almost free

“If no good people are left, the world would come to an end”… This is the proverb that we use to convince ourselves that if the world is shaken, it will not fall, it is a correct saying, because the length of the night will not last longer than it can, and the pain no matter how long it is, its fate in the end becomes a memory, and the good remains in the subconscious stronger than the awareness of crises.

“Fabric Aid” is a movement in the stagnant waters below us, like a thread that embroiders the edges with beauty, and like a cloth returning to its youth under the steam of ironing.

It is not from the “secondhand clothes”, but it is new clothes in the spirit of the one who restores luster and the spirit of the one who wears it, and the Lebanese mold is always dominant.

The “Fabric Aid”, they’re ready and they’re spreading out. They dress the clothes as the beauty of the determination of the Lebanese.

They are used clothes, not worn out, as new as the spirit of this always renewed people.


  • Sawt Beirut International