| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

In numbers.. Lebanon is on the list of failed states

It seems as if the Lebanese state, or what is left of its parts, is preoccupied with matters that may be more important than what we are now, and our classification as one of the most failed countries in the world after Sudan, Yemen and Somalia is not strange, and if the numbers express even in a way the reality of the situation, reality, that Lebanese are bitter and the numbers are clearly visible.
According to international statistics and figures for the year 2021, Lebanon ranked 34th internationally in terms of failure.
As for the issue of refugees, there are 1.7 million refugees in Lebanon, which is the largest proportion in the world in relation to the size of the country and its population.
Speaking of public debt, it now constitutes 161 percent of GDP, and the rate of smuggling of funds abroad, figures say, has exceeded 9 billion dollars, all of which are intended for influential politicians, bankers, and a small number of depositors.
In terms of corruption, Lebanon ranked 154, and this rank is considered one of the highest, and most dangerously, inflation levels are in the danger stage, exceeding the 200% threshold.
Turning to the unemployment phenomenon, the numbers may be fictitious, but according to the Statistics Center it exceeded 60%.
As for the debtor countries, Lebanon ranked third after Japan and Greece, knowing that Japan has a strong economy, and Greece has begun to pay its debts to the International Monetary Fund, noting that Lebanon, according to the statistics of 2020, has a debt rate of 61.8% compared to GDP.