| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

In roofless country, Lebanon’s homes endangered of falling, 1st victim, 11 years old girl

Place: Lebanon’s Republic of Hell.
Time: Yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow
Event: Ahouse roof collapse over the heads of its residents, the collapse of the Lebanese pound, the collapse of the morale of an entire people, and the collapse of the structure of the state.
The eleven-year-old girl was falling asleep in the dream of an embracing doll, with her flowery smile she closed her eyelids, on the promise of tomorrow’s sun. She could not imagine in her childish imagination, that the beast of injustice would deprive her of a happy ending.
This is one out of the thousands houses, terrified of the coming of winter, which will level the roof with the asphalt, and turn the house into a tomb.
Here the roof collapsed and the 11-year-old girl was killed, and it is not the only roof that collapsed, the whole state collapsed , and we all became without a roof.