| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

In the morning he is a day laborer, at night he cries

Today, day laborer’s case appears more than ever in its humanitarian aspect to workers and their families, after talks about renewing their work contract on the basis of the same wages without considering their living conditions.

How does the day laborers live today, after they lost more than 95 percent of the value of their wages, and these wages no longer sufficient for him to pay for transportation fees?

Who is benefiting from keeping this file in the drawers of political rivalries without finding a solution?

How did the Director of Administrative Affairs at Electricité du Liban, Hoda Kfoury, deal with the problem of the daily-workers today?

Fadi and Antoinette are two examples of more than 700 day laborers who took the decision to escalate and raise the voice of their tragedy in light of the ongoing crisis.

  • Sawt Beirut International