| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

In Tripoli…Woman puts joy in a box

Yes, we will repeat, like an eye that breaks the awl of unjust days, like a stubborn stubbornness, like the smile of a child who is ashamed of injustice, like hands clapping despite the absence of music, like a dance of pain, and laughter from the depth of pain. Yes, we will repeat, and it is a decision of the freedom of choice in this world, we will not die while we are alive, but we will live as long as that artery in the heart pumps blood into the vein, as long as we dream in sleep, and strive to dream in the awakening of light. It is from the heart of children’s dreams, lives among them and with them, their oxygen, the source of its soul, and it captures from their joy a surplus of moral profits. It makes it the richest in the wealth of movable love, and the wealth of immovable fulfillment. Eid al-Adha this year in Tripoli, in a box, “The Eid Box” is a novel of creative feelings.

She is not alone. Ten bread, goodies, and goodness are sweeter on Friday.

In the celebration we found heroes, they turned cancer into a joke, a legend and an illusion

Kristen participated for free, she is rich, “full of love”.

Eid al-Adha in Tripoli happened despite everything, we will not die while we are alive.
At a time when those who claim to be adults enter people into a dark tunnel, Lara enters the young into a box that shortens our dreams. Adha Mubarak

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