| 3 February 2023, Friday |

Independent judges are threatening banks owned by politicians

Lawyer Ali Abbas follows up on the rulings issued in favor of the depositors.

The doors were closed in the face of the bankers who demanded passing a law that guarantees in its articles the nullification of any lawsuits brought against them with retroactive effect.
The response was that the banks closed their doors upon a decision issued by the Association of Banks.

Experts confirm that the seizure of funds, property, and shares belonging to banks is a legal matter.
The main reason Prime Minister Najib Mikati has a share in Saradar Bank, and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elie Ferzli also has a share in IBL Bank, is not only political protection, but the ownership of shares by some politicians in some banks.

Despite disagreements between banks and authorities, efforts to maintain this alliance continue.
According to observers, the two sides are attempting to impose an extremely escalating equation in which the judiciary is destroyed in exchange for the destruction of the banking sector.

  • Sawt Beirut International