| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Initial import of medicines, will it be the answer?

No one, even Minister Firas Abyad himself, denies that the catastrophic decision he took, to rationalize subsidies on chronic disease medicines made matters worse, depriving many of their medicines “voluntarily” after their prices became more than they could afford to buy. Today, in an attempt to compensate for what he caused, he is in the process of issuing a decision to “initial registration” of the drug, allowing the registration of new drugs to make up for some shortages in the market, by making way for the entry of new companies and new drugs.
Abyad will appoint a mini scientific committee to ensure that these new medicines will meet the conditions required to maintain the level and quality of medicines in the market. Will it really be able to study these files?
And most of all, will it be able to meet the market’s need for chronic disease drugs, especially its large segments, while maintaining a good level of quality?
The most important question today is about the possibility of implementing this decision. Will the drug cartel allow other companies to enter the market?