| 24 September 2022, Saturday |

International concern over the fate of the parliamentary elections has become real… What are the reasons?

European diplomatic sources reveal that the international concern, especially the French, over the distortion of the parliamentary elections has become real. The sources believe that the fragility of the Lebanese arena and the ease of influencing it, could facilitate any action that might lead to this matter. According to the sources, the movement of the French ambassador, Anne Griot, and her meetings with officials are concerning this matter, and her main focus is to warn against any attempt to postpone the elections. In addition to information that confirms that the Arab diplomatic movement, even the American one, comes in the same context, and it can be said that the electoral process is an international concern.

Sources reveal that the Elysee may soon dispatch an assistant foreign minister to Lebanon to convey a decisive message regarding the non-tampering of the election date under any pretext, and a visit may take place the French foreign minister, or developments may force a direct visit to Jean-Yves Le Drian. The concern of the international community about what is being prepared to cancel the parliamentary elections, was reinforced by the increasing talk about a return to amending the law and passing the 16th constituency for expatriates, and the accompanying information leaked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the problem of financing elections abroad. All this amid information indicating that a discussion is taking place between some ambassadors abroad to implement a strike and boycott the elections in protest of the non-transfer of their salaries by the Banque du Liban, and some of them complain that they have not received theirs for more than 4 months.

Besides  these innocent and not innocent logistical reasons, there are other reasons related to the security protection required by the elections due to the lack of the necessary number of elements affiliated with the security forces or the Lebanese army if the path of the collapse of salaries continues, which is what prompts many countries today to secure the necessary support for the security institutions.

We also learned that the European Union will help by securing grants that will be handed over to the Ministry of Interior and allocated to the election expenses in Lebanon. Three months separate us from the date of the elections, and whoever plans to postpone or sabotage it, will have to confront the majority of the Lebanese people first and the entire international community second.

  • Sawt Beirut International