| 7 October 2022, Friday |

International concerns on elections amid the absence of actual steps

Several people commented on the statement  that US ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea provided to Reuters, especially in terms of her demand that the Parliamentary elections should be held on time. What is remarkable is what she revealed about fears that the powerful parties in Lebanon, without naming them, would seek to postpone the elections for fear of losing seats in the legislative authority.

However, the US ambassador spoke on behalf of the international community, noting that there is a consensus on holding elections on time, in a fair and transparent manner, and there is no wiggle room, as she said.

Informed sources confirmed that the US ambassador has no specific information that parties or certain individuals are seeking to postpone the elections. Rather, there are many questions for her, as well as for the international community, about how the elections will be held, especially that the Lebanese government has not yet taken steps to follow-up, such as the election supervisory body, and financing this entitlement after it became clear that the European Union’s contribution is not sufficient and the Lebanese state will have to secure the rest of the funds.

Among the questions raised that the international community did not receive answers on how will the ballot boxes of the expatriates be transferred from abroad?

The importance of Shea’s speech is in its timing, as it comes 4 days after a statement issued by the Security Council unanimously and during the period of Russia’s presidency of the Security Council, which means that even Russia, an ally of the powerful forces and parties that the US ambassador alluded to, will not accept the postponement of the parliamentary elections.

It is also very interesting that Russia, through the same statement, which was drafted by France, joins the rest of the countries in calling for the implementation of international resolutions, including disarming Hezbollah’s as a basic entry point for preserving Lebanon’s stability and sovereignty.

  • Sawt Beirut International