| 23 February 2024, Friday |

International conference to support Lebanese army, consensus on guarding civil peace

Attention has been directed recently towards the International Conference that will be held by a group of donor countries to support the Lebanese army, and mainly to members of the Internal Security Forces, State Security, and General Security.

This conference, unfortunately, reflects the bitter situation of the armed forces in Lebanon, which have lead them to call for aid from donor countries. The aid requested was not for securing arms and ammunitions, but rather foodstuff, medical supplies, and life’s minimum requirements.

The conference reflects another fact, which is the international’s concern, whether Western or Eastern, in the Lebanese army and its legitimate military forces. It also proves that there is not dispute among the globe about the armed forces’ legitimacy and effectiveness.

The main objective behind the conference organized by France is to preserve Lebanon’s stability and security, no matter how much the social collapse may be in the next stage. If cohesion between military institutions doesn’t exist, there will neither be stability nor security.

The conference is likely to succeed, as sources confirm, in terms of securing the required aids, estimated at $120 million, in order to withstand.

The Arab countries have shown lately their eagerness to participate in the conference, although they were conservative at a previous time. However, sources confirm that there will be effective and positive participation from Arab countries including Gulf states.

Sources have revealed that the aid will include spare parts for machinery and ammunitions, fuel, medical supplies, and equipment for military hospitals, as well as foodstuff. Donor countries’ support will not be limited to all these needs, but financial aid will be granted to the Army Command after setting the required mechanism with the government, given that the financial aids must be signed by the Council of Ministers.

These funds will be distributed to the soldiers and army members as bonus with a value ranging between $50 to $200, as compensation to their salaries that have deteriorated, not exceeding $70.

  • Sawt Beirut International