| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Internet outage in some Lebanese areas… more to come!

The Lebanese are no longer surprised when they hear, with every sunrise, news confirming Lebanon’s gradual loss of the necessities of life. And the last chapters of negative news is the interruption of internet service in the third district of Beirut and Ashrafieh all the way to Jounieh due to the loss of fuel to generate electricity.

The Director-General of Ogero, in tweet, apologized to Beirut and to every city or village, attributing the matter to the bureaucracy, as the employee responsible for securing diesel was absent.

Citizen complaints increased.

The outage was not confined to Beirut, but rather reached the Ashrafieh Central, which is currently working on batteries, awaiting relief.

And also to Jounieh, where the IDM service stopped.

With the cessation of the Internet, the work and interests of citizens also stopped. However, Kreidieh’s threat of resignation did not protect him from criticism. Some said that the general manager of Ogero should be aware of the shortage of diesel and take prior measures unless he wants to use it as an electoral service.

Six tons of diesel were secured from one of the people of Beirut, and it suffices for only three days… And after that, the state does not know how to plan.

Electricity rationing is up to 20 hours, diesel is a basic need for continuity, and its prices are ridiculous, and the citizen pays, but the Minister of Energy is wandering in Beirut restaurants not caring.

  • Sawt Beirut International