| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

Internet sector heading towards disaster.. Temporary solutions to be implemented in July

The task of adjusting bills was added to his other logistical tasks, which Nizam says has become equivalent to the complexities of his technical work. The cost of Internet subscription has increased by more than one hundred percent.
Communication experts do not limit the reason for the increase in prices to the fees imposed by the state on companies, starting from the first of next July,
The high prices of Internet services are offset by the almost complete adaptation by the citizens.
Confronting the new reality, according to those concerned, is translated by the consumer’s adoption of the economic policy.
However, the consequences of this adaptation may turn these facilities into empty structures that are added to electronic waste.
As for the extentions of this sector, their doors will be closed successively, after most of them have become useless
A blow to the Internet may restore the glow of real social relations, but it will strike the remaining economic pillars that will not remain resilient if the country returns to the era of primitive communication.

  • Sawt Beirut International