| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Intro to SBI News Bulletin: The Last Lie of the Strong Covenant!

The case of Riad Salameh is the biggest lie invented by Michel Aoun and his covenant team. Of course, Aoun basically does not want Salemeh, especially since he dreams of appointing a governor for the Bank of Lebanon subject to Gibran Bassil, before he leaves the presidency next fall. All this is well known, circulated and even… legitimate.

But what is not legitimate at all is for the Covenant to use the judiciary to achieve its goals and objectives. Which is, unfortunately, what happened, and is happening. A judge who owes allegiance to Michel Aoun is being exploited in order to pass plans and projects that they are for a private interest, nothing more, nothing less.

It is clear from yesterday’s developments that the covenant plan failed. Salameh did not voluntarily attend before Judge Aoun, and the security force that was sent to fetch him did not know where he was and could not achieve its goal. The failure was enshrined in the statement issued today by the Strong Lebanon bloc, which did not mention anything about the issue of the prosecution of Salameh.

Doesn’t the matter indicate that the Covenant team and its parliamentary bloc have lost hope of winning the battle? It is the prevailing impression, given that the battle of Salama was never a goal in itself, but rather to achieve other things and goals. The covenant and the strong Lebanon bloc have never cared for the people’s interests, just as they have never heard the people’s pain. For them, the people are just means to achieve their own narrow interests. Their case is similar to Riad Salameh’s case. Aoun, Salameh and the Movement are an integral part of the system, so stop trading people’s emotions and feelings!

  • Sawt Beirut International