| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Introduction of “Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin: Matters went out of control between Amal and the Tayyar, and the winner: the Lebanese!

“Matters went out of control” between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Amal movement. What was somewhat hidden over the past five years, is revealed all at once and immensly. Bassil accuses Amal and Nabih Berri of being the root of corruption in the country, and of being major obstacles to building the state. On the other hand, Ali Hassan Khalil opened all the old books, meaning that he was not satisfied with responding to Basil only, but rather recovered some of what Michel Aoun had done since 1988 until today.
So, is what is happening now, just an electoral parade before the launching of Parliamentary race, or have the differences between the two parties reached the point of no return? In fact, it is both. Berri, and from the first moment of Michel Aoun’s election, began counting the years, months and days, waiting for the end of his covenant, and for Aoun to leave Baabda Palace. As for Michel Aoun, he thought that he will not leave the Baabda Palace, until after the dismissal of Nabih Berri’s, as speaker of Parliament, and dismantling his alliance with Hezbollah. But Aoun did not nail it. Hezbollah prioritized its relationship with Berri over its relationship with Michel Aoun, so Aoun, the movement and its leader, seemed to be fighting windmills. Everyone was assured once again that the Shiite duo’s alliance is unshakable, and much stronger than the understanding of Mar Mikhael, and that Berri is a partner in this understanding, even if against the will of Aoun and Basil! From now on, matters will not calm down and will not cool. Open war has been declared between the two sides, and reaching a ceasefire is unlikely, which is for the best of the Lebanese people. It is enough that the two sides exchange accusations, and hang their “dirty laundry” on the Republic’s roofs. Most of these accusations are right, which fully exposes the ruling regime, and reveals what it has done against the Lebanese people since 1988, that is, since General Michel Aoun announced what he called the war of liberation, to reach the presidency, and 1992, that is, since the arrival of Nabih Berri to the presidency of the House of Representatives. First Presidency, how many bad deeds has the General committed in your name! And Second Presidency, how many scandals have Berri committed in your name? In both cases, the Lebanese fell victim to crazy ambitions and corruption.