| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Introduction to “Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin: The region is boiling… and the state in a coma!!

The region is once again in an escalation cycle. There are numerous indicators, the most prominent of which is the launch of ballistic missiles on Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. Of course, there is no need to mention the source because the matter was revealed without any embarrassment by Iranian television.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard claimed responsibility for the attack after the TV announced that the missiles had targeted secret Israeli bases in Erbil. The second concerning indicator was reported by Reuters, who cited a media source close to the Iranian National Security Council. The bottom line is that the scheduled talks between Riyadh and Tehran have been rescheduled.

The reason for the delay, as well as its duration, were not mentioned in the news! Among the negative indicators is the stumbling around the Vienna talks, which is linked in some way to Russia’s war on Ukraine. Russia, humiliated in Ukraine, becomes tough in Vienna in an attempt to recoup what it lost in the war through negotiations.

There is no indication that the negative dynamic created by Russia’s war on Ukraine will be reversed anytime soon. What is the Lebanese government doing now, and what are Lebanese officials doing? It’s almost nothing! Yes, they are attempting to postpone the parliamentary elections through a slew of pretexts and arguments, or they are completing the principle of quotas and benefits through last-minute appointments in the Council of Ministers. Citizens’ concerns are not taken into account.

There is no electricity, no motors, no fuel, and the wheat stock is in jeopardy, while prices are skyrocketing in the absence of any kind of oversight. Is anyone wondering why it has become the ultimate Lebanese dream to obtain a visa to any other country? This is assuming he was one of the fortunate few who was able to renew his passport!

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