| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Introduction to “Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin: Two bombs in one day!

Two resounding bombs in one day. The first was security par excellence, and was represented by the Minister of the Interior’s revelation, of a Palestinian takfiri terrorist group, that was preparing to carry out immersion operations in three locations of civilian gatherings in Lebanon. In principle, uncovering such a terrorist group is a positive matter, an achievement that the security forces in Lebanon, especially the internal security forces, deserve to be praised for. However, despite the mentioned positivity, many questions are raised, the most prominent of which are: Why has Lebanon returned to the circle of security targeting? Why at this particular stage? Is the terrorist group that was uncovered alone on the Lebanese scene, or are there other groups that are still operating in secret in preparation for some action? And the most important question: What is the purpose of terrorist operations? Is it to prevent the holding of parliamentary elections only, or is the planned scheme is much more dangerous? The second, is a diplomatic bomb, it was the deletion of the letter Lebanon sent on January 28, 2022 to the United Nations, from the official website of the Department of Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea at the United Nations. According to information, the aforementioned message makes the area between Line 23 and Line 29 a disputed area, which means that whoever removed the message from the site, wants to annule Lebanon’s future right of the disputed area. Are the Lebanese authorities aware of this matter? If they do not know, then this is a crime, but if they know and remain silent and do not take action, then the crime is greater! Which crime of the two crimes was committed by the ruling system?