| 1 December 2021, Wednesday |

Introduction to Sawt Beirut International news bulletin: Who will end first?

From “they didn’t let us work” to “they assassinated us” has developed the discourse of the covenant, which constantly searches how to hang its failures. The strong president in the strong covenant had nothing left to do, but to blame his failure on the unseen, as if he would say to the Lebanese, “I am enchanted.”

Perhaps Prime Minister Najib Mikati foresaw the coming stage of jinn and magic in the last year of the covenant’s life, and his flight towards Rome was nothing but to raise prayers for the president and his covenant praying that they would not get enchanted.

Flying in countries of strong resistance that produce strong covenants and a strong economy, is not limited to Najib Mikati’s plane, which is scheduled to fly to Cairo after flying today to Rome, but extends to the dollar, which have risen today above the level of 24 thousand pounds, and accordingly it seems that the prime minister’s mission is only limited to flying over the seas.

And in the strong era, Lebanon is on an Iranian fault line, where successive earthquakes shake the institutions of the state one after the other and undermine their foundations. The military establishment is begging the salaries of its soldiers at the gates of nations, and all these calamities are the tip of the iceberg of the strong covenant, strong resistance, and coherent alliance extending from Beirut to Tehran. We have no choice but to wish for the end of the strong covenant before we all end and the homeland ends. In light of all this storminess, who will end first?