| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Introduction to SBI news bulletin: Hezbollah indicted again in Rafik Hariri’s assassination!

Hezbollah is again under the spotlight and accusation. The Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon has reversed the acquittals of Hussein Oneissi and Hassan Merhi, accused for assassinating Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, and convicted them. Thus, the living defendants in the Hariri crime have become three, all of them belong to Hezbollah, and no one knows anything about them.

Is this normal? Doesn’t this indicate that Hezbollah is the main complicit in the crime? Of course, talks does not mean issuing a final judgment that does not accept any kind of review. However, the party’s performance and its position on the International Tribunal indicate that it is hiding something. The party has rejected the court from the beginning, demonized it, and claimed that it is an Israeli Zionist.

Why did Hezbollah prejudge this court? Is it because they fear the rule of law and truth? Why did the party instruct the three detainees from its members not to attend the sessions, and refused even to assign a lawyer for them?

Most importantly, why did Hezbollah hide these detainees and continues to do so? These are all questions that incriminate Hezbollah in one way or another. Therefore, the Yellow Party must realize that hiding the three accused did not and will not conceal the truth, and that the excess of power it possesses will not prevent justice, even after a while, and temporary evasion of human justice has not, and will not, cancel the justice of God!

  • Sawt Beirut International