| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Introduction to SBI news bulletin: How can a strong era be affiliated with Hezbollah?

The dialogue that the President of the Republic invented to fill his wasted time turned against him and turned on the era.

Even some forces that share the same political line with the President of the Republic, that is, the Marada movement, opposed the dialogue for reasons related to them and because of their deteriorating relationship with the President and his son-in-law, Gebran Bassil. The situation in itself is embarrassing for the President of the Republic, doesn’t makes him a leader, but rather makes him a side, which makes the presidency lose its dignity and prestige… and even the reason for its existence.

What is worse is that the President of the Republic did not stop here. Rather, he issued a statement on behalf of the Presidential Office, attacking opponents of his call for dialogue, accusing them of obstructing the rescue process. And the aforementioned accusation is funny and sad at the same time. Has the rescue operation become limited to the dialogue, which is an unconstitutional institution in the first place, or is it the responsibility of the government that is banned from convening?

And how did the President of the Republic forget to accuse his ally, Hezbollah, of obstructing the rescue as long as it obstructs the convening of the government? Once again, what happened proved that the current president of the republic is unable to be a nationwide president. He practices a kind of factionalism and looks at matters with one side, in addition to turning into a leader affiliated with Hezbollah. How can an era claiming to be strong not be able to gather political forces around a table, and how can an era claiming independence become a mere outlet for Hezbollah’s agenda?

  • Sawt Beirut International