| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Introduction to SBI news bulletin: Is Lebanon on the verge of a total collapse?

If the government does not make drastic changes, the country will inevitably collapse. So far, the Mikati government, which campaigned as an economic rescue government, has done nothing to achieve the rescue. Negotiations with the International Monetary Fund have stalled. The reason is obvious: how can a government that represents the corrupt system bring about the desired reform? The budget is extremely amusing.

It is nothing more than a collection of accounts, with no vision, plan, or even vision for the future. Furthermore, the Ukraine war provided an opportunity for the government to prove itself, as well as for ministers to demonstrate that they had a long-term vision in order to keep up with incidents and developments. However, the government as a whole reacted, and there was no proactive action…

Wheat stockpiles were depleted. The humiliation queues in front of gas stations returned with a vengeance to remind citizens of the humiliation they endured last summer. Most product prices have risen uncontrollably, with no accountability or oversight. How can there be price controls if the government and ministers abandon their roles and responsibilities in order to justify unprecedented high prices, rather than seeking to curb the greed of traders and importers?

We are, indeed, in trouble. After the collapse of financial, economic, and political security, social security is now in jeopardy. Is there a way to save the world before it completely collapses?

  • Sawt Beirut International