| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

Introduction to SBI News Bulletin: Let your protests be against the officials, not against the citizens

Basically, every protest against the system is justified. Its pillars destroyed everything: The state and what is in it, the homeland and those in it, and they have not yet stopped the chain of permissiveness, so people suffer from poverty and humiliation, and no one is there to help or support.

But the protests, whenever they occur, must be against the authority and its pillars, not against the people. Today, for example, unions of transport sector carried out a strike that did not affect anyone as it affected the citizen! The officials are either in their palaces and villas, or in their official residences, and in all cases they are far from all humiliating manifestations.

Therefore, the citizens were humiliated while suffered a lot on the roads, wasting their time, and emptying their pockets to fuel prices due to the protests. The result? So far, nothing, because the anthrax only burns where it falls, and it fell on the citizens, not on rulers and officials.

Therefore, a final request to all the unions and federations, and even to all the groups of the revolution: In your every move, set one goal, which is to disturb the pillars of the authority, not the people. Go the officials’ homes, got to their headquarters and besieged them. As for the people, let them go about their jobs with whatever nerve and peace they have left, for it is forbidden for the innocent to pay the price twice.

  • Sawt Beirut International